Vegan Thanksgiving mains that definitely put Turkey to shame



As mentioned earlier, even if you are not a vegetarian or vegan, most can agree that Thanksgiving without a turkey is the way to go. Still, we have so many recipes up our sleeves that don’t include the beloved bird.

Mushrooms are usually our lord and savior, especially during the holidays. They’re incredibly tasty, flavorful, and make great meat substitutes – that’s why we’re absolutely obsessed with them Feast at home recipe for Vegan mushroom Wellington. It looks difficult, but besides vegan puff pastry, all you need is olive oil, mushrooms, onions, garlic, rosemary, salt, sherry wine, balsamic vinegar, roasted pecans, pepper, optionally truffle oil and melted coconut oil. Dead easy.

Ora Organics Vegan vegetable ducks is another must-have that looks deceptively tricky (although it’s really easy to do). Modeled after the classic turducken (which frankly is too disgusting to describe), it stuffs a parsnip into a sweet potato that is wrapped in a filling and wrapped in a butternut squash. It truly is a beautiful sight, and your friends and family will be absolutely amazed that it took you less than two hours to put it together. This is our favorite creation.



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