Vegans debate whether Zouma should be sacked by West Ham for cat slapping


Should West Ham sack Kurt Zouma for kicking and punching his cat? Why Mo Salah’s outrage when Sadio Mane also had to take Senegal’s fifth penalty?

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Kurt Zouma
I enjoyed the article about Zouma beat a cat to death. I say enjoy, I mean teeth clenched so hard they squeaked.

I’m amazed the Met has found time to issue a statement saying they won’t investigate which is busy with all the other stuff they don’t investigate. To be fair to The Met, they have made it very clear that crimes already committed are not worth investigating until they are investigated by a third party. In this case, the results may not be published by the third party in order not to hinder future Met investigations that do not take place.

Unless you’re poor and black, or a woman, or the leader of the opposition. In this case, cut off as many clubs, tear gas and clothes as you want.

I haven’t watched the video of Zouma abusing the animal as the description alone is enough to piss me off, so I can’t comment specifically. I would say that anyone who treats an animal in the way it has been described must never have pets again and I would also ensure that social services are whole house with the children’s welfare in mind in this home environment.

However, should Zouma be equated with Greenwood?

Should he lose his job, should West Ham remove him from their squad?

No. Being a shitty person to a cat or dog triggers anger in me and many others, but it’s just not the same as sexually and physically assaulting another human being.

The court of public opinion will absolutely mean he is unlikely to receive sponsorships and endorsements for a while, which is not a question of revenge or virtue marks. It’s just that he’s a shitty guy who tortures cats and no one likes that guy.
Tim Sutton (vegan-ish for reference)

I agree with David this morning that animal cruelty is a disgrace and can be the start of a pathway to some very serious crimes. If kids are exposed to it too, then that really isn’t on. I also agree with the article that West Ham are in a difficult position. If the police don’t do anything despite having literally the best evidence one could hope for, then the animal isn’t seriously injured or dead, what should you do? They can suspend him or release him, but why would they do that? This is a player worth £10m contributing to a venture that could bring in £10m if not £100m as a direct result of his actions. The police are aware of this and have gone through the ‘can we molest’ algorithm and decided: ‘No, no, we really can’t be molested’. Barring the RSPCA or child welfare meddling, Zouma is truly in the court of public opinion and is barely in the top 3 news stories about shitty things footballers are up to in 2022.

There will be some debate as to what West Ham should do with him but let’s all be clear – West Ham will want the footballer whether or not he’s a monster who hits animals. It’s a football equation. For Greenwood, we will never know United’s reaction if he had scored 20 goals this season and they had fought for every contest. But a reserve player in a season where he’s shit on the bed, the football equation is simple. Don’t need him, take care of the sponsors and have him suspended. Compare and contrast a certain GOAT teammate of his that should be a bit free to go to Nevada.

When it comes to a football equation, the football club cannot be trusted to be independent. The amount of money is so huge now that the equation will always point to the footballer unless it directly affects their income e.g. B. through the loss of sponsors. Banning a player is shooting yourself in the foot. If you release him, he will appear in a competing club in about 4 minutes.

The solution is that this is managed by the professional associations. From PL and FA. The PL should have banned Greenwood and Mendy, not Man Utd and Man City respectively. The PL should decide on Zouma. Not that we’re expecting too much, but they shouldn’t be interested in not banning a player. They did it with John Terry, but that was the last time I got out of my head. But that was due to field behavior.
Alex, South London

I’m vegan mainly for animal rights issues. I grew up with cats and still have one. I have a cat tattoo. That’s all to say that I’m a big fan of cats and animals in general. But to suggest that Zouma could or should be fired over the cat incident seems a bit of a stretch.

Yes, hitting an animal is reprehensible. But we’re talking about a sport where multiple men are accused of sexual offenses against women. Some of them were recently arrested, some signed for new clubs and others paid fees to avoid legal scrutiny and repercussions, receiving huge sums of money and being revered as heroes to this day.

Similarly, people have been killed building stadiums for tournaments involving money. A human was also killed by a speeding drunk driver who also makes astronomical money and regularly plays at a top club.

Cruelty to animals is a terrible thing, but football has such a culture of human abuse that we need to deal with first. We shouldn’t focus on Zouma while worshiping other heroes who got away with worse crimes because they got rich because they were good at football.

Your article states that the English love pets. Well the Premier League is a broad church of nationalities and cultures and Zouma is not English. A fine and somewhat public charity or educational work in the pet/wildlife area feels more appropriate.

The Fifth Penalty
I see Danny Murphy has joined the “fifth penalty” train, criticized Mo Salah for being Egypt’s fifth penalty taker in the AFCON finals. Apparently, according to Danny (and others, like Carra), your best penalty taker shouldn’t be taking the fifth penalty.

Strangely, everyone seems to have forgotten who Senegal’s fifth penalty taker was. Yes, it was Sadio Mane. You know, arguably Senegal’s best penalty taker and the guy who won that thing for them. Funnily enough, I hear no criticism of this decision.

They also seem to have forgotten that the list of penalty takers is given to match officials before the coin toss to decide which team goes first.

So we have two teams, each fielding their star player as the fifth penalty taker. Both took the same chance and it was a coin toss that decided who went first.

If you want to blame Salah’s “ego” for two of his team-mates not taking their penalties, remember that Senegal was a coin toss away from Mane (the trophy winner) who was in the exact same boat.

Also, Mo was eliminated as the fifth penalty taker against Cameroon in the semifinals and no one said a word about that because Egypt won!

The reality is that criticism of Salah is only an afterthought because Egypt didn’t win, and I think that’s totally undeserved.
Neal Boland, LFC, Dublin

So much nonsense from ‘legends’ to see Salah in AFCON shootout finale saying ‘you shouldn’t put your best pen holder in 5th place’, ‘his ego beat him’ etc.

At the same time, Senegal had their best pen-taker in 5th place, thereby winning the competition.

I know everyone wants to write a story about Salah with him being one of the best in the world and his current contract situation and all that.

But to have an accurate comparison that proves them wrong in the exact same shootout, they come out with this stuff…. stunning.
Rory, Ireland

Anfield Baggio
Anyone else want to explain? to Ade (7 coming) Didn’t Diaz see delicious Guildford that commentators apologizing for profane language aired during a live broadcast is nothing new and has absolutely nothing to do with waking culture (whatever that is)? That commentators and moderators have been apologizing for ages for clearly audible swear words and have nothing to do with viewers being offended in general, but rather with Ofcom guidelines?

Not everything can be blamed on your perceived notions of “alertness” or “political correctness.”
James F, BCFC KRO.

Solve negative crowd behavior
Ok, is there a rule that would stop a club from handing out fines of up to £50,000 to PROVEN racists, hooligans, sexists, homophobics and other despicable people? Because it seems like the easiest form of punishment. Want to get on the field to try to beat a player, re-mortgage your house to pay the penalty? Simply issue a AGB* on the back of the ticket and list all fines on your website. So after getting the first idiot to pay through his nose, there will be no second idiot.

Do you want to say the N-word? that’s an entrance fee of £50,000. Watch the whole stadium at its best when such hefty fines have been handed out by the clubs and stadiums themselves, rather than waiting for the FA to do something.
Aman (The money from fines is to be donated to charities, a win-win situation for all involved

elite managers
answer This morning’s mailbox.

Mark Robbo, the point that was raised was that it took a while to build Klopp’s team, whether it was 4 or 5 years. it is routinely added to the 3 year activity of the physical education teacher, everyone had at least one window during the half year.

On the subject of Newcastle…sorry mates they are stick and stone with their money if they get the organization right they might be bigger than anyone else in 3 years

For Alan, when Pep arrived, Kompany, Aguero, Fernandinho, De Bruyne, Ottamendi, David Silva and Sterling were already in place. They’ve had key members of title-winning teams and key aspects of their speed and creativity. Pep arrived with Gundogan and Sane in tow and then refined the team by improving the full-backs and goalkeeper – a manager he himself admits his philosophy is that there are no projects you’re hired to do them to win

And no Fred no matter how he tries will never be Fernandinho or Kante he’s still a good player… Utd need to fix this and everything else this summer, no more half measures, look what Barca have achieved in a January window .

Fix the central midfield problem and all other problems asap and claim trophies.
Rode, MUFC


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