Wait what Can you make fried eggs without the egg? Check out the video to know


In recent years, veganism has become more of a household concept than a niche idea that it started with. Many people are more than willing to give up meat, dairy products, eggs and other animal products, either to do something for the environment or to lead a healthier lifestyle. However, what this wave of veganism has done for many previously non-vegetarian people is that you can now find vegan options that look and taste like meat or eggs, but are perfectly safe to consume according to vegan guidelines. In an effort to further spread veganism, many vegan influencers, chefs, and foodies have come up with their versions of vegan, non-vegetarian food, and what we noticed recently was this egg-free fried egg!

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Yes you’ve read correctly! In a current video from the Instagram channel @ get.plant.ed you can see how a vegetable fried egg is made from tofu, a little cornstarch, mustard sauce, ketchup and black salt. The video received over 89.4 thousand views and multiple comments. The egg white is made by lightly searing firm tofu, and the egg yolk is made by mixing together corn starch, tapioca starch, mustard paste, ketchup, and black salt. From the glittering egg yolk to the round egg white, the result is a dish that at first glance looks exactly like fried eggs. Check out the video here:

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While many applauded how similar it looked to a fried egg, many others were not at all for this invention. The reactions ranged from love to downright disgust. One user commented, ‘They look just like eggs’ while the other said, ‘I think it’s clever, I would try.’

“That’s no, I’m not a vegan, but I’m allergic to eggs and I’m looking for alternatives. That’s just offensive, ‘it said in a comment. The other points out, “I know that everything should taste like a chicken. But I don’t think it could ever taste like an egg. ‘

What do you think of this vegetable “no fried egg”? Will you try Let us know in the comments below.


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