Warner and Kaine announce $ 5.4 million for rural community infrastructure


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US Sens. Mark R. Warner and Tim Kaine have announced $ 5,493,100 in federal funds from the USDA to improve infrastructure in rural communities across the Commonwealth.

The promotion was via the Direct loan and grant program for community facilities, the Guaranteed Loan Program for Community Facilities, the Disaster grants for community facilities, and the Economic Impact Initiative scholarship program, all managed by USDA Rural Development. These programs offer direct loans, loan guarantees, and grants to develop or improve key public facilities in rural communities.

“We are delighted that these federal funds are being used to improve the infrastructure of our rural communities,” said the senators in a joint statement. “These investments will help important community institutions better serve their communities.”

USDA’s Community Facilities Direct Loan & Grants, Disaster Grants, and Guaranteed Loans Programs offer direct loans, loan guarantees and grants to develop or improve key community facilities in rural areas. Below is a breakdown of the funding:

  • The Buchanan County Board of Directors in Grundy receives a Grant of $ 23,200 to buy a well-equipped side-by-side utility vehicle, cargo trailer, and four helmets to better serve the community.
  • The town of Glen Lyn receives a Grant of $ 75,000 buy a new, fully equipped patrol vehicle.
  • The city of Kilmarnock receives a Grant of $ 22,000 to purchase a 2021 Ford patrol interceptor utility vehicle.
  • Commonwealth Catholic Charities in Norton will receive a grant of $ 50,000 Purchase of two new, adequately equipped vehicles, furniture and equipment to provide transportation and equipment necessary for care services in the area.
  • The Broadwater Academy in Exmore receives a Grant of $ 37,500 Buying computers, IT equipment, a mower and trailer, and replacing older floor maintenance equipment.
  • The Drakes Branch Volunteer Fire Department receives a Grant of $ 97,500 to renovate the department’s brush trolley.
  • The branch of the city of Drakes receives a Grant of $ 97,500 Heating, ventilation and air conditioning and equipment to buy.
  • The town of Farmville receives a Grant of $ 36,600 29 cell phones to buy to replace all of the city’s portable radios.
  • The Boys & Girls Club of the Northern Neck in Kilmarnock receives a Grant of $ 68,000 to buy furniture, computers, and science, technology, engineering, and math equipment.
  • Halifax county receives a Grant of $ 128,700 buy a front loading garbage truck.
  • The Healthy Harvest Food Bank, Inc. in Warsaw receives a $ 200,000 grant Buy aquaponics equipment for the greenhouse classroom. This equipment is used to produce vegetables, fish, and other types of seafood.
  • Richmond County receives a Grant of $ 91,700 to buy a new ambulance.
  • The Children’s Center in Franklin receives a Grant of $ 16,600 Purchase an air purification system and awning to adequately protect the children and staff of eight daycare and early childhood education facilities from UV rays.
  • The city of Scottsville receives a Grant of $ 5,300 and a Loan of $ 15,200 buy a new patrol vehicle and equipment.
  • Public library on the east coast in Accomac receives a Grant of $ 25,000 to buy steel framed portable shelves, computers, monitors and software. This new steel-framed shelf is used for the children’s section of the Accomac branch.
  • Accomack County receives a Grant of $ 75,000 to buy a new two-way radio console for the 911 call center.
  • The Shenandoah Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. receives a Grant of $ 47,200 and a Loan of $ 87,800 Buy fire and rescue equipment.
  • The town of Glade Spring receives a Grant of $ 75,000 and Loan of $ 84,300 Buy a new, properly equipped sanitary vehicle with a packer.
  • The William King Museum of Art in Abingdon will receive a grant of $ 66,000 Purchase of a new 250,000 kilowatt, 120/208 volt 3-stage diesel generator to provide emergency power to ensure year-round protection of the museum’s collections.
  • The Wise County Public Service Office in Wise will receive a grant of $ 50,000; another Grant of $ 25,000 and a loan of $ 85,000 Purchase of three new and well-equipped service trucks that are essential to the county’s water and sewer systems.
  • The city of Tappahannock receives a Loan of $ 123,500 to purchase a municipal Freightliner sanitary vehicle in 2021.
  • The city of Tappahannock receives a Loan of $ 53,300 Buying sewer cameras to help city workers closely inspect sewers.
  • The Harvest Outreach Center in Rustburg receives a Loan of $ 775,000 to buy a building and equipment for a school in the area.
  • The city of Lawrenceville receives a Loan of $ 215,000 buy a used ladder cart and new accessories.
  • The city of Crewe receives a Loan of $ 68,200 Purchase of two new patrol vehicles and equipment including mobile data terminals.
  • The town of Blackstone receives a Loan of $ 520,000 to buy a new ladder cart.
  • Buckhorn Volunteer Fire Brigade, Inc. in South Hill receives a Loan of $ 400,000 buy a pumper fire truck.
  • People Incorporated of Southwest Virginia in Abingdon receives a Loan of $ 1,700,000 to buy and renovate a building to be used as an administrative office. This project includes a moderate interior renovation of the main building and major exterior improvements.

The scholarship program of the Economic Impact Initiative supports the development of important community facilities in rural communities. Below is a breakdown of the funding:

  • The city of Gordonsville receives a Grant of $ 3,000 Purchase 11 ballistic patrol vests and two straps for each vest to provide security and protection for officers.
  • The city of Marion receives a $ 50,000 grant the acquisition of equipment for the city’s patrol car fleet. The equipment includes mobile data terminals, radios, security barriers for officers, emergency lighting with controls, radar units, vehicle graphics and flashlights.


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