We proudly celebrate 10 years of the Stanford Children’s Health Care Network


April 2 marked the 10th anniversary of the Stanford Children’s Health Network, the only health network in the San Francisco Bay Area — and one of the few in the country — dedicated solely to pediatric and obstetric care. This milestone offers a special opportunity to reflect on the achievements of the last 10 years and to look to the future of the network.

Stanford Children’s Health provides access to some of the brightest minds in medicine through family-focused general pediatric and obstetric care, expert pediatric specialty services and one of the nation’s premier children’s hospitals: Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford. Since its inception, the network has received over 2.3 million patient visits and physicians have treated over 100,000 patients each year.

“I’ve worked with great teams in leading healthcare systems across the country, but my five months here have been the most inspiring. Mentoring children is among the highest callings we can have, and our expansive practices have made quality care available to families across the Bay Area,” said Chantal Volel-Torres, Senior Vice Present, Chief Administrative Officer of Faculty Practices and CEO of Packard Children’s Health Alliance.

While Stanford’s reputation helps attract the best physicians in the area, the organization takes on the administrative burden that comes with having a medical practice while allowing physicians the freedom to focus on their patients and hone their medical skills.

These benefits were one of the reasons the network’s founding practice, Stanford Medicine Women’s Health – Palo Alto, led by Jagdip Powar, MD, decided to join in 2012. dr GYN has been in Palo Alto for over 40 years and has delivered thousands of babies to families across the Peninsula, South Bay and beyond.

“When we take care of our patients, we try to accompany them from the first day of pregnancy to birth and beyond. … It’s a very personal approach,” he said. “For example, someone I delivered 36 years ago recently came in for their first OB visit. It was very special to see her with her pregnancy because she was really looking forward to being back with the doctor who delivered her.”

according to dr Powar supports the Stanford Children’s Health System in its ability to provide concierge-level care to mothers within the network. He can care for mothers in complicated or high-risk situations as well as typical pregnancies because he is integrated into a perinatal care group at Stanford. “We are fortunate to be in this teaching hospital when it comes to high-risk pregnancies. We recognize things early. We have the support of the organization to deal with it,” he said.

Stanford Children’s Health’s academic affiliation with Stanford Medicine and Stanford University enables the provider network to offer experts in every pediatric specialty and unparalleled access to breakthrough advances and new discoveries. According to Chief Operating Officer Rick Vance, the care network is based on an integrated approach that brings together a core of general pediatricians with seamless access to specialized and/or acute care when needed.

“When our GPs discover a condition that needs a specialist, they can go to a specialist within our network, and when that specialist determines they need a sub-specialist…we are able to provide highly specialized services because of our connection to the faculty,” he explained . “We are a research and education foundation, so we have a responsibility to provide education to the community and to engage in research. We have a research committee that works with Stanford on any research studies that we can refer patients to.”

Over the years, the Stanford Children’s Health network has seen remarkable growth, with 200 providers, more than 65 pediatric and specialty locations in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and Monterey, and more than 15 strategic hospital partnerships, all dedicated to providing exceptional pediatric care have prescribed .

What makes the Stanford Children’s Health network unique is its dedication and commitment to Bay Area families: specifically, its conscious focus on expanding the health care network to include physicians within (approximately) 10 miles of most families in the Bay Area – from the North Bay down the peninsula to Monterey and across the East Bay.

According to Vance, it is imperative for Stanford Children’s Health to keep wellbeing at the heart of the organization. And this commitment to well-being extends to everyone in the community, whether they are patients or not.

“Our doctors participate in ongoing community education programs within their own communities,” he said. “We’ve built long-term relationships with schools and other places where we can educate children about health-related issues, whether it’s COVID, diabetes, obesity or any other condition in our communities that we want to help children avoid or improve their health when.” they find themselves in these conditions.”

The Stanford Children’s Health Network has made it easier than ever for families throughout the Bay Area and beyond to access world-class general pediatric, specialty and obstetric care. As the network continues its strategic growth, Stanford Children’s Health remains committed to delivering on its promise to provide world-renowned Stanford expertise and innovation for years to come.

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