We Vegan Eats are opening a full coffee shop in Tampa


We Vegan Eats is a locally run vegan bakery whose delicious treats can be found across the region in places like Kahwa Coffee, Raw Smoothie Co., 3 Dot Dash, Spaddy’s, Nebraska Mini Mart, and Black Radish Grocer. Now the owner is ready to open a brick and mortar store called We Vegan Cafe on 4326 South Manhattan Avenue.

“Cant wait to serve you delicious coffee and great baked goods! Thank you everyone for your continued support! We are here because of all of you, ”the owner wrote in an announcement on Instagram. The We Vegan Cafe will officially open on June 26th from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Selection of peanut butter enriched desserts | Photo via We Vegan Eats

We Vegan Eats brings King State Coffee to their café

Visitors will enjoy local roasts from King State Coffee, in addition to the many inventive confections from the We Vegan Eats arsenal. Personal favorites include the Ube biscuits, the classic chocolate chips and the upside down pineapple bundt cakes.

The purely vegan concept offers some gluten-free products, especially the chocolate brownies, which are artfully topped with sweet icing, and the banana-nut chocolate chip muffins.

Sandra, the owner, worked as a legal assistant for more than 20 years and had no intention of owning / running her own vegan bakery. As early as 2017, she and her partner decided on a wholesome plant-based diet. This new project led Sandra on the way to create her own personal recipes at home.

Oreos baked in chocolate chip cookies
Assortment of special oreo cookie bombs | Photo via We Vegan Eats

A concept of creativity and experimentation

“After playing with recipes and family and friends and of course kids trying our biscuit, we finally discovered what is now known as the ‘Classic Chocolate Chunk’ cookie,” wrote the owner of We Vegan Eats. “We decided to show our biscuit to the public in our very first market in Sarasota, Florida in November 2017 and the audience seemed to love it and the rest is history.”

Customers can also order online and have the delicious sweets delivered to their home.

Follow We Vegan Eats on Instagram for regular updates on new retailers and menu items. You can also follow the new We Vegan Cafe on Instagram.

fresh muffins stacked on top of each other surrounded by bananas
Banana Nut Chocolate Muffins | Photo via We Vegan Eats

Vegan options are available in the city of Tampa options

In need of more vegan food in the city of Tampa?

Ybor City’s own Vegan Deli, an offshoot of a popular Dunedin concept, has opened in the historic neighborhood.

If grocery shopping is your thing, Black Radish Grocer is the all-vegan market of your dreams.

Cinnaholic, a purely vegan cinnamon roll concept, will open its first shop in the Tampa Bay area this summer.


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