What is vegan collagen? And the 6 best products to try


Collagen – it is the fountain of youth protein that makes skin smooth and plump by stimulating tissue growth. But as the body ages and its own collagen production slows, many turn to supplements to solve the problem. The disadvantage? They are usually made from animal bones, skin and cartilage. Rough. Luckily, vegan alternatives that boost our body’s natural collagen production or replicate the amino acids in animal collagen are all the rage.

What is collagen?

Collagen is an endogenous protein found in hair, skin, nails and bones. Protein is important for keeping bones strong and skin looking wrinkle-free, and as you age your body naturally slows down the production of collagen. The much-discussed beauty trend usually relates to the ingestion of animal collagen, which typically comes from animal bones, skin, and cartilage.

What is vegan collagen?

There are many ways to increase your body’s collagen by consuming foods high in vitamin C, zinc, and copper. These nutrients are found in foods like beans, oranges, broccoli, and tomatoes. As the demand for plant-based collagen grows, brands are stepping up to make fully vegan collagen using genetically engineered yeast and bacteria. Other innovative brands like Geltor are also using high-tech methods to create vegan collagen, which will become more widely available in the future. Geltor’s Type 21 collagen begins with a series of microbes that naturally produce proteins programmed to make collagen without cruelly sourcing it from animals. Its first protein product, Collume, was launched in 2018 for use in skincare formulations.

Andalou Naturals

1 Andalou Naturals Deep Hydration Reviving Eye Cream

Utilizing a unique, biologically-developed vegan collagen from technology company Geltor, this nourishing eye cream offers unprecedented skin hydration improvement. Apply day and night to allow collagen, hyaluronic acid and fruit stem cells to work their magic and revitalize tired eye areas.
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VegNews.PacificaBeautyVeganCollagenMascaraPacific beauty

2 Pacifica Vegan Collagen Fluffy Lash Mascara

A mascara that makes lashes look thicker and healthier after removing them might seem too good to be true, but not when it comes to vegan beauty brand Pacifica. Packed with vegan collagen and botanical fibers, this glossy black formula is a must-have for your makeup bag.
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3 Moon Juice collagen protection

For those looking to preserve their natural collagen, why not drink it with your morning cup of coffee? With this three-ingredient coffee creamer, supple skin and minimized fine lines are just a sip away thanks to a powerful combination of rice bran, silver ear fungus and hyaluronic acid salt.
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4 Follain Firming Serum

A concentrated blend of niacinamide, bakuchiol (a plant-based retinol alternative) and a peptide complex work together in this velvety-smooth serum to reveal smoother, firmer skin and fight signs of aging. Apply a moisturizer every morning and evening to reap the benefits.
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VegNews.Carrot&StickTheMoisturizerCarrot & Whip

5 Carrot & Stick The Moisturizer

With a powerful formula of plant proteins, vitamins, amino collagen and alpine rose stem cell extract, this lightweight, antioxidant moisturizer nourishes skin to smooth lines and wrinkles without unwanted sulfates, parabens or phthalates.
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6 Sourse Glow Bites

Chocolate and beauty – could there be a better combination? An infusion of skin-boosting collagen powder and detoxifying spirulina in this low-sugar, functional dark chocolate means we’re just two heavenly bites away from improved skin texture and elasticity.
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