What temperature should the heater be set to? That’s what the experts say


In view of the rising electricity prices that our country is currently facing, many questions arise about the optimal and efficient use of heat. According to the Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE), the ideal temperature inside a home in winter should be around 21 degrees Celsius. Although it may seem like a low temperature, this is what is recommended because it is the healthiest, as the air tends to dry out from 23 degrees.

Therefore, the house must maintain that stable temperature during the day that allows residents to be comfortable in their home. However, the IDAE itself advises that this temperature should drop slightly at night and stay at around 17 degrees Celsius, which is defined as the perfect sleeping temperature.


If the heating is programmed, thermal well-being is achieved and savings are achieved.

Programming the heating so that the temperature of the house fluctuates between these values ​​achieves thermal comfort and saves on electricity bills. Among the tips proposed by the Energy Diversification and Saving Institute, great importance is attached to the installation of smart thermostats. According to their analysis, if used correctly, up to 40% of the total bill can be saved.

If you follow the temperature recommendations and want to keep it at 21 degrees Celsius, it is very easy to program it with a smart thermostat. But the real key is not to set the ideal temperature and that the heating always works, but to strategically plan consumption so that it is as efficient as possible.

Strategic consumption planning makes it possible to make consumption as efficient as possible.

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For example, in a large house without good insulation, turning the heating off when you leave and turning it back on when you get home from work is much more expensive than leaving it on all day, but how is that possible ?

The energy costs of heating a house from 13 degrees to normal temperature are much higher and therefore more expensive than keeping the heating at a constant temperature of around 17 degrees during the day. The latter is recommended at night, and during the day it takes less effort to reach the desired temperature.

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Finally, it is advisable to keep warm even indoors. The sudden changes in temperature that can occur when you enter a house where you can wear short sleeves are not healthy.


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