Whitakers Chocolates launches the UK’s first can of vegan choices


Whitakers Chocolates was founded 130 years ago in the market town of Skipton and said it secretly developed the first of its kind in the UK retail market – the Vegan Tin-Tations chocolate box.

Specially developed and created for the vegan market, the selection jar contains a selection of vegan milk and dark chocolate as well as toffee in various flavors.

Whitakers Chocolates identified a niche in the market for a Christmas can and said the company spent the last year perfecting the recipe, flavor combinations, and design of the can.

William Whitaker, CEO of Whitakers Chocolates, said: “It was a bold move to be the first chocolatier to create and invest in such a product, but we felt that with our diverse range of products and customer base, we just had to do it. It was such an exciting and fun product to develop and we now hope that we will get the support of the vegan community behind it. “

Additionally, in line with Whitakers Chocolate’s ongoing sustainability goals, the 525g can and contents are either fully reusable, recyclable and compostable at home.

Whitaker said the final product will be available by mid-October and the company is placing pre-orders through its website.


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