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A number of vegans have slandered Cadbury for “poor ethical and marketing choice” to add milk to Bournville’s Giant Buttons.

Classic chocolate brand Cadbury has come under fire after it was revealed that their popular product under the Bournville brand is no longer vegan.

The chocolate giant recently updated the Bournville Giant Buttons ingredient list to include “milk” as an active ingredient.

“The buttons have accidentally been vegan by default since their inception and have dairy products as a ‘May contain’ allergen warning,” wrote the food account Vegan Food UK on Instagram.

“Now Cadbury has added milk as an active ingredient, which makes it 100% NOT VEGAN.”

It added, “These are really sad times as we all know the cruelty to cows when they use dairy products in everything.”


The announcement sparked anger online when thousands of vegans voiced their “disappointment”.

“Nooooooo !!!!! Why should they do this? They were perfect the way they were, ”wrote one user.

“That is more than disappointing! Literally what is the need to add milk back in? Pointless, ”added another.

“Wow, very bad ethical and marketing decision, definitely a step backwards,” commented a third.

Many also beat up the company for doing a “marketing gag” by introducing milk so it could later bring out a vegan version at a higher price.

Vegan chocolate

While the buttons are no longer vegan, Cadbury’s Bournville Dark Chocolate Bars remain dairy-free.

In addition, several brands are launching vegan versions of their most popular products.

Grocery giant Nestlé recently launched a vegan kitkat made from rice milk chocolate and KitKat’s iconic waffle. It is now available nationwide.

The vegan start-up Trupo Treats from the USA raised almost $ 150,000 – after starting a second crowdfunding initiative in April this year – for its ethical chocolate company.

The New York-based company will use the money to produce three new chocolate bars – a Nestlé-inspired vegan “KitKat”, a multi-layer Mylk Chocolate Wafer Bar and a Mylk Chocolate Caramel Cookie. The chocolates are currently only available by pre-order.

Trupo Treats would like to launch Trupo Treats in the UK this fall.

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