Why you should use steel, glass or copper instead of plastic when cooking, consuming and storing food



New Delhi: Covid-19 has changed the way we view health and wellbeing. Concentrating on the right food, the right diet and strengthening immunity is no longer a minor matter. The pandemic has forced us to pause, rethink, and take a holistic approach when it comes to our general wellbeing. While we take care of our health by eating healthily, it’s also important to pay attention to what we eat and ensure that our cooking, consuming, and storage items are safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

Our kitchens are crammed with plastic cans, bins, utensils, garbage bags, etc. and their usage is increasing at an alarming rate. A recent survey found that India produces 6,000 tons of plastic daily, nearly 10,000 tons of which is not picked up. Not only does plastic contribute to environmental pollution, it is also detrimental to our health.

In contrast to plastic, glass is free of toxic chemicals and retains its natural taste even when heated. It is also environmentally friendly and can be easily decomposed without emitting toxic chemicals. Using airtight glass containers for storage reduces the use of cling film to ensure that cut fruits and vegetables and scraps of food don’t rot or absorb the chemicals from harmful materials used in wrapping.

Steel utensils for cooking food can also have a positive effect on health. Steel does not erode or leach harmful chemicals when cooked. It is durable, helps to preserve the original taste and is easy to clean, like glass. Replace plastic bottles with stainless steel bottles. Nowadays there are tons of styles and options in the market that come in beautiful designs.

Utensils made of copper are ideal heat conductors, hygienic and corrosion-resistant. Keeping water in copper jars and bottles has many benefits that directly affect the skin while also having a therapeutic effect. There are many materials and metals to choose from when it comes to incorporating healthy cooking habits.

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Posted on Wednesday October 06, 2021 7:03 am IST



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