Wicked Kitchen debuts the world’s first vegan roast lamb



Beloved UK based vegan company Bad kitchen just unveiled the very first plant-based, plant-based roast lamb. Chef Derek Sarno – Director of Plant-Based Innovation at Tesco and co-founder of Wicked Kitchen – announced that the brand’s new No-Lamb Roast with pomegranate glaze will be the first ever vegan roast lamb product to hit the market. While there are some gyro-style plant-based products out there, this will be the first whole sliced ​​vegan lamb.

The lamb is “Chef-crafted with King Oyster Mushrooms and a Pea and Wheat Protein Mixture”, Sarno says. He calls it: “Ready to shred and perfect for mid-week or Sunday roasts, Middle Eastern-inspired wraps or some fancy trouser taco.”

Wicked Kitchen will initially launch the plant-based lamb in all Tesco locations across the UK, but it is not yet available in the US. The plant-based company recently expanded its range of vegan meals to retailers across America, including Kroger and Sprouts, and is available in over 2,500 stores.

Sarno and his brother Chad founded the company in 2018 to develop new healthy and delicious offerings that differ because they were created by chefs. They saw gaps in food categories in the growing vegetable market and filled them with items like this lamb alternative. The Sarno team plans to develop its Wicked Kitchen brand in several new directions and eventually expand into other countries worldwide.

“It is my personal mission to work with all of our partners and suppliers to set the gold standard for chef-driven plant-based foods for everyone else,” writes Derek on the company’s website. “This is how we will change the world!”

Wicked Kitchen raised funding for expansion

The No-Lamb Roast is the first product to follow Wicked Kitchen’s most recent Series A funding round, which secured a $ 14 million investment package. The company announced that the investment package will be dedicated to both sales expansion and product development.

“This funding supports the next big leap in growth and the launch of the Wicked Kitchen product line – a journey that will span the globe,” said Pete Speranza, CEO of Wicked Foods. “As Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket chain, has demonstrated, the wide range that Wicked Kitchen brings to market enables motivated regional retail partners to commit to cross-category rollout. What Wicked brings to the US will be unlike anything else that has ever existed in the plant-based field. “

The Sarno brothers consistently stay at the forefront of vegetable protein alternatives. The duo also founded the vegan brand Good catch in 2019 to bring a line of plant-based seafood products to plant-based consumers. The company’s first product was a plant-based tuna and has since been expanded to include vegan fish cakes and breaded fish fillets.

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